The 2017 Flashback

I am writing this post to recall the year 2017. This is my second yearly review, the previous one from last year is here.

I was wanting to do this post for a very long while and as evident from the present date, I am kinda like 5-6 months late. Actually, I recently thought of doing a periodic recap more frequent than once an year, focusing more on what have been some key learning outcomes in a period, and what I feel is missing, just as part of good self introspection, which I believe is very important, and which I believe I miss out on a lot. This could help chalk out short term and long term goals, or simply list out a few things to look forward to, bringing in more meaning and purpose in life (heavy, right?). No, don’t worry, it will lighten out. Anyways, coming back, since I had to do this periodic recap of introspection for the last few recent months of 2018, I thought I should pen down the recap of 2017 as well, leaving aside any gap in my social existence diary, which makes me feel alive (might allow some people to find consistency and continuum in the virtual dumps of my existence ). Continue reading



And the flush isn’t working. My after poop peace is also taken. That’s just awesome. Interestingly weird situation. While I am proud of my excretory system to have worked pretty well and left a solid mark of my presence in this tiny washroom of this small cafe, there is no water to cover it up. So I am thinking whether I should leave the cafe as soon as possible, after coming out of the washroom and hope no one follows for a while, or inform the cafe staff about the fact that the water isn’t coming and the washroom is clogged. Such a trap it is man…

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Introspection & Retrospection

I have taken a pledge to read books this year. I am happy that I just completed the first one. It was a special book since it  was from one of the most inspiring athletes, whom I have looked up to and whom I have also related to, in my tennis playing days: Rafael Nadal. I have written about the book here.

This post is more about what has been my key learning in the last 6 months, the first six months of my post-college professional working life, which this book (quite incidentally well timed) also very well aligns and resonates with. I am glad the validation (although there wasn’t any need for), if it had to come, came in through the tennis story of one of the best player ever. Continue reading

Books | Year Wise List

I am one of those who likes the idea of reading books, but somehow, don’t really translate that into reality. As a child, I have read some of the Famous Fives, Secret Sevens, Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys but that’s that. Since then I have been less of a reader, which I am not proud about.

Once, I had recollected all the books I have read and listed them in a Facebook post as follows. Continue reading

Aspire to Work For Sport

I am going to present a story that holds very dear to me through this post.

I just graduated college (It’s a strange and different feeling, but I won’t go there). I officially have a degree now (not literally because there’s still some time in my convocation), but the effort and struggle is over. However I realize that the hard part has just begun. I remember a senior addressing our graduating batch on the recently organised “high tea” during the last days of college. He made us all aware about a very true fact that the path we traveled till now was a very well defined path and something that almost everyone follows. School and then college. But as soon as we step out from college, we get to own each and every decision and choice we make to develop and polish ourselves at the personal as well as professional level. We gotta explore and follow our true passions. And that’s not very easy, and at times it’s so damn hard.   Continue reading

A Day at Hyderabad & Dialogue in the Dark

So, I was in Hyderabad for an interview at the Indian School of Business (ISB) (They have  a very sexy campus and amazing tennis courts, btw).  😀 I had a few hours before my return flight. I was roaming in the Inorbit Mall, Hitech City and checking out the Zomato App. I happened to notice a 4.5 rated eating joint named “dialogue in the dark” which was located in the mall itself. On browsing further and reading recommendations I found it was something worth to visit. It turned out to be quite an interesting experience. Something new and different. What I am in a constant lookout for 😀 Continue reading