Interesting Grandparents Story

While talking with my younger sister yesterday, I heard a very interesting story about her friend’s grandparents.

So, it goes like:

Her friend’s grandmother planned to go out with her friends to the movie “Ek Tha Villian”, and her husband, my sister’s friends’s grandfather went to drop them to the theater. One of the friends couldn’t show up unfortunately, so they had one extra ticket. They asked the only man to come with them and watch the movie. He wasn’t interested so he said he will sell the ticket, go home and meet them outside after the movie to take them back home.

2-3 hours later……….

The movie got over. The women enjoyed, but when they came out, they couldn’t find my sister’s friend’s grandfather for quite some time. This was not expected. They called, but he didn’t pick up the phone, they tried to find him, he couldn’t be found.

Wanna guess what had happened? :p

After sometime he came out from the theater itself. :p

It had so happened that he had exchanged the ticket for “EK Tha Villian” and had gone alone to watch “Transformers”. :p :p

Amazed? I completely was, isn’t that cool! 🙂 :p

I mean my grandparents are cool in their own ways, but they don’t do things like that.

My immediate reaction to the story was like, Hey, I definitely wanna be like them when I am old. 🙂

What did it make me realize ?

It made me realize that life is too long. There are so many awesome things to be done. 🙂 :p

The realization might not change things in the present scenario but it definitely changed the way I look at things. It helped me understand my real priorities 🙂 🙂

Feel free to discuss and leave comments/feedback  🙂


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