Old School Memory-1

Disclaimer: This story was written my me more than 3 years ago, if it sounds stupid, please don’t mind, I am quite attached with it  🙂 :p It was an awesome time and this is the first story I wrote. 🙂

It describes a interesting day in school……..

A fine day at school it was, and fine here does not mean studies at all, it just means lots of fun, more arrangement periods n a block of computer/economics period which recently turned out to be blessing in disguise for the to be physical education students like me. (You see there is some benefit when your fifth subject is going to be physical education :p)

Apart from the usual two periods of full fledged playing session we (which includes me and most of my friends of the same section) didn’t even waste the two to three minutes break we got between the periods, one of us had a great store of tennis balls in our bags, and as soon as one monster left the class, we were ready with each one of us at all corners of the class playing catch-catch.

I must confess that as a twelfth class student 17 or 18 years old it may sound stupid we playing catch-catch but seriously we enjoyed every moment of anything which we were not supposed to do :p 🙂 , or maybe because sometimes it was more interesting than the PCM subjects, I guess our English teacher would also agree to the latter.

So the bell rang and as usual the catastrophic  noises started all over in the class, with Sahil playing his jokes over Jha , being encouraged by Pandu , and Jha bursting out a lot of beep words as usual which would make Pandu laugh like anything , and seriously if u see Pandu laughing you would wonder about his academic qualifications. When he laughed his mouth was opened to an extent which would comfortably make a table tennis ball land inside it , and a tennis ball to be blocked at the opening….( no offense , intended to be taken in light humor). :p 🙂

Raghav: Where’s the ball?

Bavneet: I got six today and there’s not a single left in my bag.

Now it had become a class activity to play along in the two minutes break with the tennis balls, and I was the supplier.

Our teachers had already collected quite a number of balls from us and we sometimes wondered what would she do with them, play in the staff room? Nope she doesn’t seem that awesome…!  She might give them to her children to play, as if she can’t afford a tennis ball…! :p

Raghav signaled to take positions as he got hold of one of the balls finally.

More than three fourth of the class prepared to go to the computer labs as the economics students took positions to start their game, I wonder now how we enjoyed passing each other those good for nothing tennis balls but it was fun then :p

As students left, we which include me, Raghav, Samarth, Chaitanya and Sahil started playing with the ball, well I must say that that day the intensity was quite high, you will soon find out why!

Sahil: Get hold of this one, if you can Simmu!


Samarth: Challenege Accepted

Samarth: (collecting the pacely fed ball) back to you!

AND SMACK!!!!!! Yes the ball did get back but on its way hit the top of chair and got reflected towards the tube light which fell upon us straight away, we were ******.

Sahil: Damn it, what the hell did u do Samarth [beep].

Sahil gets angry on Samarth

Sahil gets angry on Samarth

Samarth: (A part of finger in his mouth as we might have expected) ummmmhmmmm sorry.

Well I must say I became fan of his super cool look in super panic situation :p

Cool and Composed Samarth

Cool and Composed Samarth

As all of this happened Raghav ran out of the classroom like hell, as soon as the tube light fell.

To make situation even worse a teacher going past our classroom happened to notice what all was going there. As soon as she was about to say something Sahil took charge.

The Teacher! :p

The Teacher! :p

Sahil: Oh! Ma’am! This tube light was at its verge of falling and look it just broke down now, it had a crack for such a long time. God saved us, we are lucky it didn’t fall on us.

I must admit that he lied exceptionally well; it’s very true that your hidden talents are discovered at the worst of times, when you are in the middle of a misadventure :p

I found it hard to control my laughter, but tried to look serious, as it was a serious matter after-all, the tube light fell on its own, and anyone could have got heart :p

Teacher: (Almost believing Sahil, asked) Are you sure you were not playing with a ball?

Sahil: No ma’am not at all. How can we, when we are not supposed to!

Yeah, Right Exactly! :p

Yeah, Right Exactly! :p

The dude went on…

He had a strong hand at lying, and luckily the ball hid itself at such a position after making us fall in a disastrous situation that the teacher was not able to locate it and had no option but to believe him.

To support us the students of the neighboring sections also gave their contribution and agreed that the tube light had fallen on its own and they were the eyewitness, but all this for the teacher, for us they were like :p

Neighboring Section Friends! :p

Neighboring Section Friends! :p

For a second I thought it to be a criminal case, the teacher being the CID inspector Pradiuman, we being the criminals or the so called criminals who were innocent as the eyewitnesses supported us.

Over Imagination?

Over Imagination?

It’s strange as well as interesting how our mind plays a great role of over imagination…

I also imagined being in the principal’s office as the CID always solves the case (Lol, whatever you think of them, they do, seriously, I am serious!)

Well, however meanwhile in the real world, the teacher told us to get the stuff cleaned by the maid and left. We all took a sigh of relief.

Samarth: Lets play again?

Samarth: Lets play again?

Our Eco teacher entered the classroom next, she was not like the other monster teachers or the circumstances didn’t let her be.

I mean there were only seven students, who had taken Eco, and it was never like a studious period, we always had the most of fun in that period, she was hardly able to control us.

We had done almost everything to disturb her and play pranks on her. We sang songs in her presence , played with ball , although she didn’t participated (teachers are boring and non adventurous) , made stupid animal like noises (Samarth), which had made her mad a few times , but she had no option but to tolerate us because unfortunately she was teaching a bunch of students who loved to do what’s not allowed.  Once we also made her go outside the classroom and locked the room from inside, she actually had to knock the door and take our permission to come in! (We are sorry for that, seriously!)

We are sorry, really, seriously!

We are sorry, really, seriously!

But whatsoever today she wasn’t in the best of her mood; she had checked our first unit papers and was going to distribute them, out of the seven only one had passed, as she had told us before.

Teacher: So you even broke the tube light with the ball today?

Sahil: Ma’am it happened on its own. It had a crack and it just fell down.

Teacher: (Completely disbelieving Sahil) Well whatever, let’s go and study in some other classroom. (She knew us better than anyone, and even though she used the word study you see, teachers are optimistic, I mean they have to be, that’s why they are teachers).

In some way it all happened because of you ma’am, had you not been late for the class, we would have never played with the ball. I wanted to say, but didn’t :p

We entered some other classroom on the same floor. Raghav came in now after he had left as soon as the tube light had fallen.

Raghav: Everything Clear :p

Raghav: Everything Clear :p

Guys we have become famous, the news that we had broken the tube light has traveled fast.

It fell on its own, we haven’t broken it, I corrected him.

Oh yeah you bet, no one’s going to believe that it fell on its own, they all know we play with the ball in our class, we are the trendsetters. The vice principal is going to call us any moment, he said.

Oh shut up, it’s no big deal, it’s just a stupid tube light, and I have broken a part of the chandelier in my house twice.

All my friends present in the class room gave me a dirty look.

Ok it was house, and this is school what’s the big difference…

They gave me an even dirtier look.

NO. Keep Quite

NO. Keep Quite

Ok fine I give up. My mind automatically started thinking of the possible punishments we could get.

We could be suspended , suggested one part of my brain, may be they will call our parents , suggested another part, or maybe they would just let us go , suggested another part as the previous two parts scolded him for being so overoptimistic.

Teacher: I have with me your first unit papers. Another disaster, I thought, why all the bad things have to happen at the same time.

Teacher: Only Chaitanya passed and all the rest of you failed.

All of us congratulated Chaitanya as if he had won a noble prize or something.

You nailed it bro, Topper hai yaar tu :p

You nailed it bro, Topper hai yaar tu :p

Well achievement even though how small it may be, it deserves a congratulation, being the only person in seven to pass must have felt great I thought. (Seriously, my mind was thinking bullshit :p)

As he became the odd one out among us we compared our marks to check who fared better among the failures, well at least I got more than someone, I sighed sarcastically taunting Ratika.

The period ended soon after our teacher got over with her “you guys are not at all serious, what are u going to do in future” lecture.

Change our fifth subject to physical education, I wanted to answer her, but thought it wouldn’t be the right time, she wouldn’t be able to take this joke right now :p

It was not a joke actually; few of us were seriously considering changing our fifth subject to P.E., and thinking about the privileges it would provide us. 🙂 🙂

As I was leaving the room, I read what was written on the board “Facing Life Challenges”. Well these arts students are studying this as theory and we were doing the practical, I thought.

The next two periods were physics practical. As we entered the class, most of the computer students had already left the class to reach the practical on time.

Samarth: Do we have another ball?

We all gave him “what’s wrong with you” look, but he is Samarth. (Super Cool :p)

Hey, I am Samarth, I am super cool :)

Hey, I am Samarth, I am super cool 🙂

He gave us back the “I am cool dude” look and said small miss happenings keep happening in life but we can’t stop doing what’s important! :p

_/\_ Respect  _/\_

_/\_ Respect _/\_

Well he had a point, playing with balls was way more important than the physics practical for us, which was hardy fun ever.

But I made him remember that we r ******, and can’t keep on doing important things, when there are others doing non important things! (Yeah Bullshit:p)

Well I also didn’t understand what I said, forget about him, situation pressure, I guess! :p

You broke the tube light; I had told u not play in the classroom, said one of our geek classmate, and we all gave him a “you won’t understand, you have fun discussing all sorts of doubts with chemistry teacher” look, and he left as he might get late for the practical.

How cool you are dude!

How cool you are dude!

We also left the classroom after a few minutes and as we entered the corridor, the Mathematics teacher of our neighboring section saw us and asked, oh so you are the guys who broke the tube light?

Not Bad :p

Not Bad :p

We felt proud as the most beautiful teacher in the school had stopped us to talk with us, but suddenly realized that we were not the top scorers whom she would praise while talking but the tube light breakers.

Raghav: You have got the wrong information ma’am, the tube light fell on its own, we were there but did nothing.

She gave us a “Oh sorry to hear that ” look as if she would have got excited and taken autographs from us had we told her the truth.

Mathematics take away your common sense sometimes! True story!

We entered the physics lab rather late but our physics teacher as well didn’t expect us to come on time (We had an image and we respected it :p)

Okay at least here everything seems normal, said one part of my mind when the other part laughed off and said “you wait and watch dude, you watch and watch”. I told them both to shut up and let me concentrate on the physics practical. (Although I hardly wanted to concentrate).

Our teacher was telling us something about Multimeter and all that stuff, how it works and what are its various functions! (BORING)

Physics practical were hardy fun ever but it was the worst that day, I kept fighting thoughts about how are we going to get punished and suppose my other friends must have been doing the same.

“We have a camera right in front of our classroom” said Raghav, sudden enough to break the ongoing thoughts in my mind.

Well we are smart enough to close the door and play, and we even had Khansali guarding us, I said , at that time we didn’t realize that this was going to put us into more trouble!

Guys why can’t we just self arrest ourselves? I asked just to see another question being asked to me by Samarth “What do you mean?”

I mean why can’t we just tell them that we did it , we broke the tube light while playing with the ball, maybe we earn praises for being honest, I said.

Huh , get suspended like ****** offenders and return like honest offenders, end of story we are offenders, no one’s gonna give a damn for being honest , said Sahil like a honest cynic!

Was Sahil right?

Was Sahil right?

And by the way how are you going to justify our first reaction, that the tube light fell on its own, and where is the damn ball, the teacher didn’t even find it , what are you going to say? Added Sahil in a questioning way!

Well the pessimist had a point, I thought.

I gave a forced smile and said “Well that’s easy, we can say that like anyone else we were just trying to save ourselves, it’s human reaction, but now we realize!

And what about the ball? Sahil cut me … “Oh come on Sahil, if we can convince the teacher to believe that the tube light fell on its own , cant we hide a tennis ball , it all makes sense, although the ball hid on its own , but that’s what we would have done if it didn’t.”

“Well whatever “Sahil said, almost disgusted as if he was dis-granted his” right to lie” !

It’s not that easy, Chaitanya said, as Samarth and Raghav gave a “we don’t know look” !

Samarth was still like this:

Hey, I am Samarth, I am super cool :)

Hey, I am Samarth, I am super cool 🙂

As we were busy discussing the “how to get out of this mess” topic and the teacher busy discussing Multimeter a student entered the physics lab and told our teacher that we have been called at the reception by our class teacher, (and you know who these we are , but along with us Khansali was also included.)

We felt sorry because he never participated in our not to be done things, but still got trapped with us. The teacher asked us if everything was fine and then let us go. We are ****** ma’am , I wanted to answer her but didn’t.

Our class teacher was standing there, looking over furious (considering the fact that her normal look was furious) when we reached the reception.

You broke the tube light, but how can you? She said, and I got confused whether she mentioned a fact or asked us a question, as I thought of clarifying, she further mentioned a fact” you all are caught in the video”.

Teacher: We were watching you.

Teacher: We were watching you.

Was not the door closed ma’am? I asked realizing soon enough what I have asked.

Vice principal ma’am will answer your query Bavneet, she replied, getting involved in the fun!

Teacher: You Guys got Trolled  :p  I am so happy :p

Teacher: You Guys got Trolled :p
I am so happy :p

I realized then that she could also crack a joke and that to quite a strong one, strong enough to make the big guns of her class stand silent in front of her. (Well I can’t stay away from self praising ourselves).

So how did this happen? asked our vice principal man showing us the video , in which there was a sound and reactions clear enough to understand that a tube light had fallen!

Ma’am the tube light fell on its own when we were there in the class waiting for our economics teacher , Sahil took charge of the situation and explained, Raghav supported him and while the other three, observed keenly what all was happening!

I was fighting the thought of telling the truth, and finally decided that it’s better to let Sahil explain the way he is.

Ma’am if we put the blame on yourselves then what would be the suitable punishment, asked Sahil, and all of us wondered what the hell he was doing!

But you said you didn’t do it right, asked our vice principal.

But it’s looking as if you are not ready to believe and the situation is getting worse, said Sahil, not so fluently but confidently, as we all waited for the reply!

Please Believe Us! We are innocent!

Please Believe Us!
We are innocent!

Maybe we will have to call your parents, we will take a call on this on Monday, till then decide how you are going to justify, she said!

And I thanked that it was Friday!

Friday Yo! :p

Friday Yo! :p

Well we were lucky enough to be out of this till at least Monday, we all thought as she left.


Actually we turned out to be luckier than we expected as nothing happened on Monday, we were not called by the vice principal. 🙂

Lucky to get away with it!

Lucky Us! :p

Lucky Us! :p

Maybe things are easily forgotten sometimes, I thought, but when we are around things keep on happening at the same pace as well : p


Feel free to discuss and leave comments/feedback  🙂



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