When My Air Conditioner Got Bad

I will start this post by giving a brief overview of how an air conditioner functions (which you might already know). You set a temperature, compressor of the air conditioner starts and as soon as the room attains the set temperature, the compressor stops. Again when the room temperature rises a bit, the compressor starts. This is the general cycle that repeats.

 Time Period Set Temperature Room Temperature  Compressor
0 26 33 On
 1 hour later (approx.) 26 26 Off
15 minutes later (approx.) 26 28 On
15 minutes later (approx.) 26 26 Off
15 minutes later (approx.) 26 28 On
15 minutes later (approx.) 26 26 Off

The compressor of the air conditioner is On for almost half the time for which the air conditioner is On, in the ideal case, which is:-

  1. When the air conditioner is functioning perfectly.
  2. When you use the air conditioner with good ethics like setting the temperature between 25-27, cleaning the dirty mat weekly, etc.

This functionality is very important because it ensures energy consumption efficiency.

Anyways, this was just the background and here is the main story:

Recently, the air conditioner in my room got faulty. The compressor didn’t stop at all (you can notice the compressor going off when you closely observe the operating air conditioner), irrespective of the set temperature.

What could be the problem?

Before calling anybody for help, I searched online and understood that generally there are three kinds of problem. The air conditioner is basically a system of three units, that are the air conditioning unit, the air distribution unit and the controller unit that controls the first two units. Thus there can be problems in any of these three units. If the AC is not providing cool air, the problem can be in either of the first two units (faulty compressor, gas leakage\low) and if the AC is not functioning as explained above (as in my case) the problem is in the controller unit.

Thermostat is the sensor used in the controller unit. There is a small wire that has it fixed at the end. This wire is placed in close contact with the evaporative coil. If the sensor doesn’t pick up the right temperature, the AC functions incorrectly.

“The Thermostat is Not Picking Up the Right Temperature

Indoor air conditioners have a thermostat sensor which measures the temperature of the air that comes into contact with the evaporative coil. If this sensor is bumped out of place, your air conditioner may run erratically. Adjust the sensor by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place. The sensor should be near, but not touching the evaporative coil.”

This is sourced from : http://airconditioningrepairzone.com/ which is a great article explaining the air conditioner repairs you can do on your own. It helped me too.

I observed the the wire was not correctly placed (not correctly placed could mean, it is either touching the evaporative coil or facing opposite to it, etc). I adjusted it so that it faced the evaporative coil, but didn’t touch it. Then I checked the functioning of the air conditioner for some time, and yup it functioned perfectly again.

Awesome, I took 500 Rs from mom as my service charge (the AC repair person would have taken money for just this, seriously) and partied. 🙂 :p


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