Raahgiri Day

Raahgiri Day is an amazing new concept of an event that promotes walking, cycling, socializing and such activities. 🙂

Every Sunday in Gurgoan (Since 17th-Nov, 2013) and Connaught Place (Since 13th-July, 2014).

Time: 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM

I went there last Sunday with a few of my friends, on 13th-July-2014 on its first time in Delhi. It was awesome. Thousands of People had come there early Sunday morning, and it was completely worth it. I did activities like Street Yoga, Zumba Dancing, played Street Football and even tried my hands on boxing. 🙂

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a bicycle ride because I was a bit late. Yes bicycle were available on rent if you had a Govt authorized Photo ID. 🙂


Trying My Hands on Boxing :)

Trying My Hands on Boxing 🙂

Just Before the Street Yoga

Just Before the Street Yoga

Street Football  :)

Street Football 🙂

Zumba Dancing photos are a bit weird :p And I should leave you with some curiosity right :p 🙂

Read More about it:

“Raahgiri Day, the weekly event that closes city streets to cars to celebrate walking, biking, music-making, and socializing, has expanded beyond Gurgaon, India. The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) together with the New Delhi Police Department has decided to stage the first Raahgiri Day in New Delhi this weekend. Beginning July 13, 2014, the inner circle of New Delhi’s Connaught Place and its various radial roads will be converted into pedestrian and cycling zones each Sunday.

This is a pivotal moment for sustainable, active transport in India’s cities. Moving from the city of Gurgaon, population 800,000 people, to New Delhi, population 22 million, is a huge leap, one that reminds us that reorienting cities around people – not cars – is achievable. This starts New Delhi on an important path towards combatting air pollution and improving public health, and all of India one step closer towards being an exemplar of sustainable urban development for other emerging economies.”

Source: Here and Here

Join in the cool, innovative, fun-sounding effort 🙂 🙂


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