How to get your CNG Car Hydro Tested and get a Compliance Plate?

Do you own a car running on CNG?

Has it been Hydro Tested anytime in the last 3 years? Does it have a Compliance Plate?
[Read more about Hydro-Test and Compliance Plate below]

If not, then you won’t be able to get CNG filled from any CNG station of IGL.

This regulation was passed a year ago.



You may also read from Times Of India Articles: (April, 2013) (May,2013)

These are one year old articles, the new change is that, you now need to get your CNG cylinder hydro-tested every 3 years as indicated by the IGL Website instead of 5 years as mentioned in these articles.

What is Hydrolastic Test of CNG Cylinder?

It tests the CNG cylinder for its pressure handling strength, to ensure safety, at any government authorized CNG Retro Fitment Centre.

What is a Compliance Plate?

It is an indicator for the CNG providers at the CNG station indicating that your cylinder is safe. They are supposed to check the compliance plate before filling the CNG. It is provided when you get your CNG cylinder Hydro Tested.

A forum addressing the same question.

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What to do if you don’t have a CNG compliance plate but your cylinder is hydro-tested?

“If you don’t have a CNG compliance plate on your car here is how you can go about getting one.

–          Check to see if your RC (registration certificate) has CNG as a fuel endorsed in it

–          Take photocopies of your RC, insurance certificate, PUC and CNG installation receipt to the CNG centre from where you got the CNG kit fitted in your car

–          You will have to submit these documents and fill up a form at the fitment centre

–          You should receive the compliance plate within two or three days, and it could cost up to Rs. 500.

If you have not got your CNG kit endorsed on your RC book yet, this is probably a good time to do so, otherwise, you will have trouble filling CNG in the Delhi NCR region.”


Another good Article on the same issue: Here

It is a bit surprising that both these articles, that seemed quite authentic mention the cost of getting a compliance plate to be around Rs 300-500. [It must have been.] However the Instruction from Transport Department mentions “NO EXTRA COST”.

Apart from this, I would just add that, both the above articles are also one year old. They are written in response to the new regulation “get your compliance plate” that was passed then. They tell you how to get the compliance plate from the CNG centre you got your CNG fitted assuming your hydro-test is up to date.

The problem I faced was that, it had been more than 3 years since I got my CNG cylinder hydro-tested. Now as per the new regulation I needed to get the CNG cylinder hydro-tested again in order to get a valid compliance plate.

How to get your CNG cylinder hydro-tested and get a valid compliance plate?

Government Authorized CNG Retro Fitment Centers, as listed by the Transport Department on their website.

You can either directly go there, or go to some CNG automobile repair store nearby, and they might get it done for you from some authorized center. I did the latter, to save some time.

From Authorized Center Yourself:
-> Rs 1000-1500
-> 3-5 hours time there.
-> Documents similar to what were mentioned in the last question, or even less.

From Authorized Center via CNG automobile repair store nearby
-> Rs 1500-2000
-> You will have to go there twice, one day they will take out the cylinder, send it to the authorized center, get it hydro tested, and then the next day you go, they will fit it back and provide you the certificate of hydro test and also put the new compliance plate.
-> Documents similar to what were mentioned in the last question, or even less. [I was just asked for the photocopy of RC, maybe because rest of the information was already mentioned on the previous compliance plate.]


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Certificate Received after Hydro-Test

Certificate Received after Hydro-Test

Another resource I found while researching: List Of All CNG Stations in Delhi. I have been in situations where I wanted to know the nearest CNG station, keeping this in my bookmark will help me. 🙂

Learnt how to get things done 🙂 :p

Please spread among people you know drive CNG cars and please feel free to ask/discuss anything ! 🙂


11 thoughts on “How to get your CNG Car Hydro Tested and get a Compliance Plate?

  1. I purchased a second hand wagon R 2007 model with CNG not mentioned in RC. Owner doest have Cng kit bills. And there is no cng plate too.
    Can I do the CNG hydro test?
    Pls reply


  2. Will anybody send the authorised Hydro test centers in Pune I am having Cmf wagon r n the Sai Servicing People’s are charging me 4500 for hYdro test. I don’t think I will costs this much. Some one told that it costs around 1000 to 1500 not more then that. So I need the Reliable hysrotest centre from pine. Thanks


  3. will anybody please send me the address in hyderabad or secundrabad for authorized CNG hydro testing and complaince plate. Thanks.


  4. Maruti people are thieves.They told me it will cost me 8000 and 6 to 8 days.I live in mumbai.Please guide me how to go about getting a retest done as 3 years are over for my CNG Wagon R.


  5. Hi Bavneet,

    I purchased second hand Swift VXI with CNG installed from Delhi and CNG is registered on RC.I am currently located in Sikandrabad (UP), now CNG compliance is expired, Please let me know if we can renew the CNG compliance from U.P. as well and what should be the cost for CNG compliance plate renewal?



      • I also have a second hand vehicle with CNG already fitted and it has a compliance plate. It is soon going to expire. Where can I get it renewed?


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