Red Fort, Sound and Light Show

Sound and Light show is a way of telling a story by using the beauty of sounds and lights. In Delhi, sound and light show takes place at Red Fort (Lal Quila) and Old Fort (Purana Quila). The history of city Delhi is presented in the show. It is organized by India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).

I went to attend the show at Red Fort in May, 2014 with two of my awesome girl friends (mom and sis) 😀It takes place in the evening (find exact timing and other information through external links provided in the end). The history of Delhi revolving around Red Fort was presented in the show. Stories and events from the time of Mughal and other rulers of Delhi were illustrated using audio and an interesting use of colorful light. It was a first time I was witnessing such a show, so it was a new experience for me.

The show is held in English and Hindi. I attended the Hindi one. The quality of sound was not very impressive, it should have been better. Also, the events described didn’t seem very interesting to me. I mean the show made me grow an interest to know about the history of the city I live in, but it didn’t showcase something worthy during that one hour of show. The show is held in open air, so one has to bear the weather conditions and also have to fight the mosquitoes.

Overall, it was a new experience, the first of its kind and that was the only highlighting things for me. The ones who are looking for some inspiration to know Delhi’s history may find it amusing. Otherwise it was an okay okay event. I haven’t specifically included any photos from the event because the beauty of the event lies in experiencing it live. 



The History Of Red Fort


Red Fort in Evening


Red Fort in Evening


The Sky and The Birds


Red Fort in Evening


The Market Inside Red Fort

  Links & Other Sources:

Timings(Red Fort)  Timings(Old Fort)  Delhi Tourism(Red Fort)  Delhi Tourism(Old Fort)

Ashoka Group

Red Fort-1   Red Fort-2


3 thoughts on “Red Fort, Sound and Light Show

  1. I love knowing India’s and Delhi’s history, so Ill probably like it. The only problem is that most of what is available for Mughal history is just glorified data by the Mughal courtesans themselves, true accounts are hardly available (especially in India).


    • On the contrary you might not like it, if you go there with the interest to know about the history. The concept of the show is nice, the content isn’t. You see, I got motivated because the show told nothing when I wanted to know something :p
      If you haven’t been to a Sound and Light show before (which as well was not out of the world), then go for the new experience, but not for knowing the history ! 🙂
      This summer all I wanted to do was try and explore new things, so whenever something came up which I haven’t experienced before, I always got in the plan just to try out ! 🙂
      Mehrauli Archaeological Park is in my “yet to visit” list, maybe that turns out to be nice for the “knowing the history” part. 🙂


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