From Delhi to Singapore

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I want to plan a trip for my winter break in December. I want to travel abroad. It  is always confusing and challenging to decide where to go, followed by the bigger challenge to plan the trip.



So let me just put up the facts.

I have Rs. 1 Lakh that I can use (for travel + accommodation), and the trip needs to be planned for 2 people. Now these are the constraints I need to keep in mind, and I want to go out of India, that is also sure.

There is so much stress in planning a trip, first deciding the location that comes under budget, then comparing air travel prices, comparing hotel accommodations, planning local travel, exploring the attractions in the visiting city, and so on.

Here is when Skyscanner comes to my rescue. It is a online platform which compares thousands of airline prices and lets us choose the best deal. Not only that it also helps us choose the right hotel, and hire a car in the visiting city to ease our local travel.

Skyscanner: The Travel Wizard

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Why Fear When Skyscanner is Here :)

Why Fear When Skyscanner is Here 🙂

I was confused and can’t decide where to go. Another cool feature Skyscanner has is “Search Everywhere Feature” that lets us check the air travel charges for various destinations and decide as per our interest and budget.

I used the feature to get a rough idea of which place should I choose to go, considering the budget.

Singapore made sense. Its an awesome destination, I always wanted to go there 🙂

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So now here is the deal:-

Destination: Singapore
People: 2
Budget: 1 Lakh (for Travel and Accommodation)
Time Period: Early Decemeber
Time Duration: 2 Night, 3 Days

Now I can either travel Delhi-Singapore, Delhi-Chennai-Singapore, or Delhi-Kolkata-Singapore. A lot of people travel to Kolkata or Chennai via train and then travel from there to Singapore via plane. I guess that’s a nice option if you have time and can plan well in advance. It definitely saves money.

I however prefer air journey. So I checked and found that it would cost Rs 7,000 less if I go Delhi-Chennai-Singapore rather than Delhi-Singapore. It will take some extra time of course, but I am cool with that, it will be my holidays then 🙂


Date & Day Departure From Departure Time Arrival At Arrival Time Via Cost
4th-December Thursday Home 14:00 IGIT Airport 15:00 Car Rs 880
4th-December Thursday IGIT Airport 17:00 Chennai Airport 21:10 Airplane Rs 13822
5th-December Friday Chennai Airport 01:50 Singapore Airport 08:35 (Singapore) Airplane Rs 26150
Date & Day Departure From Departure Time Arrival At Arrival Time Via Cost
7th-December Sunday Singapore Airport 21:30 (Singapore) Chennai Airport 22:45 Airplane Rs 0
8th-December Monday Chennai Airport 06:45 IGIT Airport 09:30 Airplane Rs 0
8th-December Monday IGIT Airport 10:30 Home 11:30 Car Rs 880

(Singapore is 2:30 hrs + Indian Standard Time)

COST= Rs.26,150 + Rs.13,822 + Rs.1,760 =  Rs.41,732

Walk Through, How to use Skyscanner:-

Walk Through

Walk Through

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Money Left = Rs 58,000 (approx)
Spend on Hotel +  Traveling


Travel On Car
Cost = Rs.15,000 (Rs 5,000 per day approx)

Car takes you from Singapore Airport when you reach there on 5th-Dec, around 9:30 and the car leaves you back there on 7th-around December 19:30

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Travel On Metro
Cost = Rs. 3,000 (Rs 1,000 per day approx)

Maximum cost (longest metro journey) is Rs 150 approx, even if we take 3 full journeys in a day, we spend max Rs. 500 each, that is Rs.1000  per day, which means for 3 days we spend approx Rs.3000. Also the Metro is well connected (it is well spread near the attraction points discussed below, compare the metro map and the attractions map).

Singapore Metro Map

Singapore Metro Map

The next big decision is the hotel.


Choose From These. I chose,

The Elizabeth Hotel By Far East Hospitality


  • It is 30 minutes drive away from the airport.
  • It is in central Singapore.
  • Most places of attraction are in close proximity. (Shown in Google Maps below)
  • The reviews about the hotel are quite good.
  • The cost is affordable.

Cost: Rs 16,200 (8,000 per night approx)

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[View Google Map]

Most of the Attractions are in close to the Hotel. Even the Metro Map above, looks quite sync with them.

Most of the Attractions are close to the Hotel.
Even the Metro Map above, looks quite sync with them.

1. Chinatown  [approx 5 kms from hotel] [YourSingapore]

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“Singapore’s Chinatown is an ethnic neighborhood featuring distinctly Chinese cultural elements and a historically concentrated ethnic Chinese population.” -Wikipedia
The Chinatown Heritage Centre is a must visit for the history enthusiasts. I am in a lookout for such things these days, so I would be very interested in going there.

2. Little India [approx 3 kms from hotel] [YourSingapore]

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“Little India, Singapore is an ideal Shopping destination for people visiting Singapore. Little India is also known for it’s culture and many festivals.” -Official Website
Street lovers and street photographers will have a great time here. I am planning to take a lot of awesome photographs here.

3. Marina Bay [approx 7 kms from hotel]

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Let your imagination relax because awesomeness comes alive here. A place full of beauty, not to be missed by any shutterbug . Marina Bay Sand is one of the finest resorts, a must visit for everyone.

4. Singapore Flyer [approx 4 kms from the hotel]     [YourSingapore]

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“Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel. Standing at a stunning 165m from the ground, the Flyer offers you breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay, our island city and beyond. There’s also a wide range of shops, restaurants, activities and facilities.”- Official Website

5. Hawker Center Maxwell Road [approx 5 kms from Hotel] [YourSingapore]

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A great place for foodies. I will keep a good appetite before going there :p

6. Singapore Botanic Gardens [approx 5 kms from hotel] [YourSingapore]

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“A botanical garden (or botanic garden) is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names.” -Wikipedia

“Singapore Botanic Garden is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every single day of the year, and does not charge an admission fee, except for the National Orchid Garden. (which is one of the major attractions in the botanic garden)” -Wikipedia

7. Gardens By the Way [approx 6 kms from the hotel]    [YourSingapore]

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“It is one of the Top 10 Indoor Gardens of the World, arguably Singapore’s most beautiful masterpiece. Moreover, it was recently awarded the 2014 International Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement – Botanical Garden, by the Themed Entertainment Association.” – Yoursingapore
Another beautiful places for nature lovers like me.

8.  MacRitchie Nature Trail [approx 7 kms from hotel] [YourSingapore]

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“More than one square kilometre of primary forest still flourishes in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve today, particularly around MacRitchie Reservoir. Rubber trees, remnants of the plantations from the 19th century, can still be seen along the fringes around the reservoir.” – Wikipedia
Always wanted to walk in the forest like environment? This is the place. Another delight for the nature lovers. An awesome photo walk it’s going to be for me.

9. Singapore Zoo [approx 20 kms from hotel] [YourSingapore]

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“There are about 315 species of animal in the zoo, of which some 16% are considered threatened species. The zoo attracts about 1.6 million visitors each year.” -Wikipedia
Night Safari in the Zoo is the most awesome way anyone may spend the night in Singapore. 20 kms from the hotel, I would definitely plan a Road Trip to the zoo in one of the three days.

Total Cost = Rs. 42,000 [Air Travel] + Rs. 16,000 [Accommodation] + Rs. 15,000 [Local Travel] = Rs. 75,000 (approx)

Rs. 25,000 kept as backup, if Travel Charges, Accommodation Charges change a bit in a few weeks.

Food Cost is excluded from this.

If all goes according to plan :p All Done

If all goes according to plan :p


Image Courtesy: Google, Wikipedia, Screenshots

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