Intern[in] at SlideShare-LinkedIn

Slideshare is an online platform for presentation sharing, collaborating and networking. It has revolutionized the flow of online content in the form of elegant presentation slides on the internet. Another thing I love about Slideshare is that it is an Indian SAAS [Software as a Service] product.

 LinkedIn is the world’s leading platform for professional networking. It has more than 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

Two amazing software products came together when LinkedIn acquired Slideshare and hence Slideshare-LinkedIn as the name.

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I recently got a chance to spend a day at the workplace of Slideshare-LinkedIn as part of the Intern[in] at SlideShare-LinkedIn program on Friday, 18th-July-2014.

LinkedIn has this awesome concept of celebrating  “In Day” in which the people working in the office organize some cool and awesome activities.

They were celebrating their In Day on that Friday, and as part of the same they organized a one-day ‘internship’  – a student outreach and orientation session at their SlideShare-LinkedIn office for college students under the LIFG program. I got to know about this through an email from our Placement Department in college. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to attend a day in the office of a company like Slideshare-LinkedIn and learn something about the real industry. Soon enough I also have to go work in such an environment.

As I had thought it turned out to be an interesting and awesome experience for me. I got to know how things work in their office. People from different department like Product, Engineering, Design, Marketing and Quality gave talks about their individual work and responsibility and how they collaborate with the other departments for the overall progress. The food they served was also amazing 😀

Mr. Amit Ranjan, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Slideshare-LinkedIn started with a brief talk about Slideshare, followed by others. It was the second time I was listening him giving a talk, the first being at Innovate Delhi Entrepreneurship Academy where I was a student and he was a guest speaker.

Some amazing thing I got to know that day are:-

  • The way software service operated a decade ago and how they operate now has completely changed. In today’s world things are getting faster and faster. Slideshare-LinkedIn deploys their website more than 10 times a day.
  • On a Technical note, the website is working on ROR (Ruby on Rails) along with some other awesome technological tools for the whole setup to function.
  • Although I knew a bit about the importance of Product Management, Engineering, Designing and Marketing in such a company, little did I know about QA. Quality Analysis is a very important metric to keep up to. Unfortunately Quality Analysis is not taught like a conventional course in colleges. It is a skill that needs to be self acquired by being aware about the functioning of various services and products in the market.
  • The working environment at Slideshare-LinkedIn was great, the co-workers enjoy, have fun and also work hard. They share great comfort with each other. There wasn’t a boss-employee like culture, everyone was treated very well. I had heard that before as well, that LinkedIn keeps their team very happy. Now I can support that notion with my own experience there.
  • The skills we as engineering student should try and build include working on projects and to build up something on our own. Working for Open Source like GitHub and GSoc. Mastering any one programming language is enough because rest can just follow. These points are from a CSE point of view (and I am an ECE student), but anyone you wishes to work in a software product company should keep these in mind. Programming knowledge always helps.
  • Although I knew the importance of writing a blog and I had been working for some time, generating content and collecting enthusiasm and energy to start writing one, it was that day when it again got hammered into my brain and I actually sat down for next two days straight and did nothing but set up a blog, and here I am now writing about the Intern[in] at Slideshare-LinkedIn. So thank you all those you encouraged me, especially Mr. Amit Banerjee, whose blog is an awesome way to get inspired.

I got a cool certificate as well 😀



Thank you to everyone at Slideshare-LinkedIn, especially the organizers Mr. Mohammad Azeem, Mr. Dheeraj Dwivedi and Mr. Gaurav Shukla for organizing such an event and Congratulations for moving in the new Slideshare-LinkedIn Office at Gurgoan.

P.S. : The day was full of some other adventures as well, involving a road trip, spending some awesome time with friends and birthday of cousin bro 😀
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