National Gallery Of Modern Art

I went to the National Gallery of Modern Art in May-2014 with a friend. The plan included eating afterwards at Sri Ram Centre for Performaing Arts (SRCPA) (The Chilli Potato there are awesome 🙂 Try out sometime).

The most awesome thing about the gallery was the entry ticket for students = Rupee 1  (on showing the school/college ID) and they printed us the ticket on a really good paper :P. You can actually sometimes go there in the hot afternoon if you happen to be nearby, sit on the comfortable sofas in the A.C. for rupee 1 and come out fresh. We actually saw a couple of people sleeping on the sofas. The crowd density is almost negligible there, anyone can spend some good alone time. The ambience and maintenance of the place was really good.

Anyways, the reason we went there was just to try out something new. The place is full of paintings as old as almost two centuries. It showcases a lot of great Indian and a few foreign artists. On closely observing and studying the paintings from different time periods you may understand how the modern art evolved (I didn’t understand much though :P). Some of the paintings were so awesome and some made completely no sense to me. There were some cool sculptures as well. It wasn’t allowed to click photos in there but there was this interesting thing outside the gallery that I clicked. 🙂


Cool Stuff


Cool Stuff


Cool Stuff


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