Trip to Mussoorie

I went to Mussoorie a couple of months ago in May-2014 with my family. It was the fifth time I went there. Me and my family, we just love hills, and Mussorie is the place we can go again and again to. It is a beautiful place, surely its called the “queen of hills” for a reason. There is a kind of peace in the hills you can’t get anywhere. The scenic beauty is a thing to die for. 🙂


The Beauty of the Journey

Even though it was the fifth trip to the place, a lot of things were new. It was the first time I drove the car (more than 400 kms). I have been driving for quite some time in the city of Delhi, but driving on the highway is a completely different experience. Actually I would say that there were four types of driving in the whole trip. 😛 First being driving in the Delhi, second being driving on a two way highway, third being driving on the one way highway and the fourth being driving on the hilly terrain.

Driving in Delhi is a complete mess, driving on a two way highway is amazing, where you have to handle the high speed. I touched 120kmph (yo :D). Driving on the one way highway is different because we have to manage getting past trucks going on a slower speed then us. Lowering the gear, getting more acceleration and overtaking the truck (when the traffic coming from the other side is less) is the skill required. I handled first three types of driving and my dad handled in the hilly terrain. On our way we stopped at Gurudwara Paonta Sahib, in Paonta Sahib town in Himachal as well. It is a very famous Gurudwara. On our way back, we stopped at Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal 😀

In Mussoorie……

We stayed in Hotel Filigree, and it was the third time we were staying there. What’s good about the hotel is that, it is slightly away from the Mall Road, the most commercialized place of the naturally beautiful city.  The view is amazing and Kareoke performances take place every night there.

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Some amazing attractions explored this time:-

Laal Tibba, which is the highest point of Mussoorie. The journey by car was a pretty adventurous one, too sleep to drive comfortably.Dad drove the car. It became a roller coaster ride for him. 😀



Bhatta Fall, which is seven kms from the city. It is on the way from Mussoorie to Dehradun. We stopped there while going back. If journey to Lal Tibba was adventurous , this damm thing was a ten times more adventurous. The second roller coaster in the trip, but completely worth it. Amazing place it was. 🙂







We didn’t go to Company Gardens, Trolly Ride or Kempty falls because we had already been there a couple of times. One of my friend suggested St. George’s Fort as well, but unfortunately we didn’t get an opportunity to go there.

Playing Air Hockey in the games parlor, window shopping (not my personal choice, but still) and eating Bhutta are the “not to miss activities” in the Mall Road. I also made my sister and cousin brother play Pool for the first time. I don’t much like playing pool, but it was the first time to them, they learned it and liked it 🙂

The most amazing places to have food explored this time:-

Kalsang, probably the best chinese and tibetan food I have ever had.

Sagar Ratna, the South India king Sagar Ratna, their is an aquirium as well in the same complex.

Cafe by The Way, I loved the Oreo shake, just out of the world, the ambiance was also awesome. The place is not very easily noticeable,  but do find it and visit the next time you go there.

One night we had dinner at Nirulas, Dominoz, Kalsang and dessert at Cafe By The Way. It was the best combination one can ask for.

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