The Finishing Line : Marathon Experience

One of my friends asked me this, “Why the hell give money to run 21 km? They should be giving us money if we decide to run! :D”. Pretty genuine concern I must say 😛

I am a marathon running enthusiast, I have run the last two ADHMs and also plan to keep running in the future. My bucket list contains “Run the Mumbai and LA Full Marathons”.

But here I respond to all those who might ask, why run a Marathon ?

The answer is simple for me to say, but difficult for anyone to understand. The feeling you get after completing the marathon can’t be matched. You will be so tired till the 20.5 kms mark, but as soon as you will be about to reach the finishing line, you will reach to a completely higher energy level. All the pain, all the tiredness vanishes. You feel ecstatic, you feel joyful. Completing a marathon gives you a sense of achievement. 🙂

Also, however hard I might try to encourage and motivate people for running a marathon, it still remains something that is not very easy to achieve. It requires a lot of effort, proper training and stamina to complete the race. For this very reason running the marathon and completing it becomes even more special. It makes you belong to a certain set of people who have achieved something that not everyone has.  😀

The atmosphere is filled with positive vibes of so many people that there is no reason to stop. You see young, old, heavy, all sorts of people running. You get ahead of some, some get ahead of you. People on the side roads cheer you. There’s music in the air. There are so many things you keep getting in between, like water, juice, ice sponge, etc. The running track is often the best part of the city.

I got to see the legend Milkha Singh in ADHM-13 cheering us. It was so cool. One of my friends ran with Rahul Bose.

Its more interesting to run with a friend, like I did. Also music works well, I mean I like running while listening to songs. But otherwise there is already so much happening during Marathons as just stated above, that you whole atmosphere will make you push your limits and keep running without getting tired or bored. 🙂

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How to train to run in a Marathon ?

There are some very good articles already written on the same topic from experts (which I will mention in the end), so I would just give some pointers:-

  1. If you are into Running/Fitness/Sports already (for real) then you may just start 3-4 weeks before and try out a long distance run. Like if you are planning a 21 km Marathon, reach close to that distance in practice at-least once. Like run 10-15-20 kms in three weeks before the marathon.
    • Don’t run 2 days before the marathon.
    • This is what I follow.
  2. If you not much into Running/Fitness/Sports and still want to run a Marathon, you have taken an awesome decision. Clap for yourself first. Now get ready for the hard work.
    • Start at least 3 months before.
    • Start from running 2 kms a day.
    • Gradually increase the distance every time you run.
    • Don’t run daily.
    • Do mix with other endurance building exercises like skipping/cycling.
    • Reach close to 21 kms mark at-least.
    • Don’t run long distance in the last week before the marathon.
    • Also please take doctor’s consultation if you feel very tired during practice sessions or you are suffering from a disease that doesn’t allow you to exert too much.

ADHM-14 is scheduled for 23rd-Novemeber. Also there are two more amazing Marathons on 12th and 26th-Oct.

Some Useful Resources:-

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6 thoughts on “The Finishing Line : Marathon Experience

  1. After reading your awesome words about Marathon, now I wish to participate too 😛 And I can totally understand the feeling you get when you are so tired but you have to and you want to get to that finishing line that seems far away but yoy decide to give yourself a try and cross it finally 🙂 ❤

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