Lufthansa A380 – The Dawn of a New Era, Bigger is Better

Do you know this?

  1. Lufthansa A380 is the largest aircraft in the history.
  2. It is flying to Delhi. 😀
  3. The capital is the first city in India to welcome the Lufthansa A380.
  4. Lufthansa launched daily flights on the Delhi-Frankfurt route beginning 8th-Nov-2014.

Why bigger is better for Indian Aviation?

Technically speaking, its always a great thing to have the best available technology to access, and it’s a great pleasure for the Indians to have the largest aircraft in the history on board and experience the best. All thanks to Lufthansa.

But, how will it make such a big difference? Let’s discuss a few logical points.

Impact on people:-

  1. Can carry more people: It’s obvious, isn’t it? 😛 But, does it make things better, solves any problem? Although for the time being, the aircraft is launched on just one route, so the argument might not hold that much value, but then it had to start from somewhere. We need to see the future, which is bright. If larger air-crafts are used for routes which are often busy and overloaded and where people are often not able to get tickets due to the limited capacity of the aircraft (It’s India, and there are so many people here, this happens a lot, it isn’t easy to get tickets), things will of-course get better for those routes in the near future.

  2. Cost effective: When a larger aircraft carries more people, the estimated price which needs to be generated out of the aircraft journey gets divided in more number of people, (although the estimated price to be generated will be higher for a larger aircraft, but still the argument is valid) which brings down the cost per person and hence makes air travel more cost effective.

  3. Get to travel in the largest commercial aircraft: Common, this holds a lot of value for me. It’s like a new and exclusive experience, about which we can boast as well 😛 #LufthansaA380 rocks. 😀 We can click selfies and tenfies with the plane, everything works with a selfie right? 😛

Impact on environment:-

I did some reading and came to a conclusion that writing a well informed post on this would take a great effort of research. Some of the environmental issues that need to be considered will be:-

  1. Noise Pollution
  2. Climatic Change
  3. Air Pollution

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