A lot of thinking…

I think about the long gone past,
I think about the future to come.

I think about how things have changed,
and did I or didn’t I want that change?

I think about the voice within,
that wants to convey so many things.

I think about the unsaid words,
finding a way to come out in the world.

I think about what others understand,
being responsible for just what I said.

I think about the collected anger,
wanting an outlet for so long.

I think about the troubling thoughts,
just to keep them away yet for long.

I think about what was said,
realizing now what it really meant, it’s hard to forget.

I think about the situations of the past,
and what could have happened if they didn’t last.

I think about the events of the future,
and how to make the best out of them.

I think about so many fears,
that are hidden everywhere.

I think about the confusions and ambiguities,
adjusting with the uncertainties.

I think about the lined up problems,
with my hammer them as nails.

I think about arguments,
the valid reasons and the bullshit.

I think about the tough choices,
the better among the wrongs.

I think about hard decisions,
and the mountains of egos that cross.

I think about the imperfections,
and the scope of improvements.

I think and believe in realism,
fighting in the real world.

I think about what could have been,
if someone wouldn’t have been so mean.

I think about people,
the ones who make me smile.

I think about the friendship bonds,
some go weak and some go strong.

I think about the girl,
her twirl and curl.

I think and remember that smile,
that once used to send shivers down my spine.

I think about the endless possibilities,
and all the involved complicacies.

I think about trust,
analyzing the rights and wrongs.

I think about joys and sorrows,
and the management involved.

I think and get positive,
hopeful and optimistic.

I think about life,
the experiences and the testing times.

I think and I explore,
keeping up a score.

I think about real passion,
while trying to find my own.

I think about god,
his creation and what not.

I think about my existence,
and soon I change the thought.

I think why I think what I think,
but then that’s how it is.

I think and go beyond the shore,
floating in the river, hurting me more.

I think, and do nothing sometimes.
I think, and just regret sometimes.

I think about survival, fighting hard….
I think, and just wish and hope…..

Just to keep high, I sometimes stay low!

I think, but can I let go?


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