My Airbnb Wishlist

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Here is my Airbnb Wish List of the top 5 most interesting places I would like to visit. Okay, to be frank, I want to visit a lot of places, and every new place excites me equally, because more than places I crave for new experiences and adventures; so basically, I am mentioning 5 out of a lot of places I would like to visit. They may not be top 5 and any 5 that came first in mind, in no specific order. Here they are:-

  1. Bangkok, Thailand: The prime reason for me choosing this city as one of those I want to visit is simply because of the high probability of me getting a chance of visiting it. It’s a great place, great ambiance, comparatively affordable, comparatively less costlier to visit for an Indian, with amazing places like… okay I am not mentioning tourist spots because there will be so many, and if I start discussing I would go on and on based on my research, so I should rather make things simpler, you can check yourself here 😛 (Google is here to tell you anything and everything, easy right?).

  2. Singapore: I did a well detailed post on what to visit in Singapore here. It is very well detailed. I want to visit the city for its beauty, and yes again, similar reasons as mentioned for Bangkok. When choosing a new place to visit, its less costlier to visit an Asian country than European or American country. The probability of the trip happening gets high. 😛

  3. Barcelona, Spain: I don’t know if ever I will get a chance to visit Spain, but I just want to be there, like plan a road trip, do adventure sport and just chill. Switzerland and France are also very fascinating as European countries, but Spain has a different magic on me, which I can’t explain easily.

  4. Dubai, UAE: The sky-scrappers, the royal feel in the air, the Burj Kalifa and the view from the top, enough said. 😀

  5. New York, USA: Well, it’s the convention, isn’t it. You love visiting places, going to new countries, well then of-course, New York must be the place you have been to, else it will be like something is missing. It’s as simple as that. Not much reason to give here. 😛

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6 thoughts on “My Airbnb Wishlist

  1. Coupons jeet ke mujhe de dio, main toh India mei bhi BOHOT jagah jaana chahti hoon 😀 I liked your list 🙂 this one is a really nice happy hour idea by Indi, don’t you think? But I am too tired now, I’ll probably see if I want to write tomorrow 😛

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