Lets Do it the Kids Way :)

Children add magic to our vacations. The vacations we take with children are different in a very special way – Kids see vacations very differently from adults! Their expectations, their curiosity, and the way they see things creates a unique experience on every vacation.

Well, this is absolutely true, I can’t say that with a parental experience, but yeah as an elder brother I can. I have organized some day trips for my younger cousins. They were interesting, different and so much full of fun. 😀

A few tips on what to plan when organizing trips for children:-

  • New Activities: Children love to learn new things. We can experiment with a new sport or even a new indoor game like pool, bowling when planning trips for kids. I am a lot into sports, so I have often planned trips to Sports complexes with younger cousins and made them play a new sports. It’s nice, indulging in sports (I can give lectures on the importance of sports in our daily life, but this might not be the best time for that :P) But yeah my trips to sports complexes with younger cousins have been great, so I can say that kids like it 🙂 I also remember another two outings, the one time when I took them for bowling and the one time I made them learn pool. The reason why it was amazing both the times was that it was the first time activity and kids have a curiosity to try out new things. Well, even I am a bit of a kid sometimes, so yeah I can relate and vouch for that.
  • New Food Joint: Always better to try out a new place. Comparing my parents choice on where to go out for dinner with my own and my younger sister’s, I can conclude that, kids are ready to take risks in the food department 😛 Its always better to try a new average food joint than repeating a good one for the kids.
  • Nature Walks: A trip to even some nearby park with kids can be amazing. The appreciation for the nature is really high in kids. Also, we can always plan interesting games to play in a park, for example frisbee, dog-in-the-bone, kho-kho, ice-water (called as vish amrit or a lot of other analogous names as well :P), chain-chain, gallery, stepu, phittu, etc 😛 We have all played these games as kids, haven’t we? Internet wasn’t that famous then, you see 😀 I even like to sometimes plan these now 🙂
  • Museums: The train museum, the doll museum, they have been the picnic destination of school trips. Kids enjoy these trips because its a way they get to know about the world. 🙂
  • Cartoon Connect: I know this one shop in Metro Walk (which is a nice place to visit in Rohini, Delhi) which sells Chota Bheem (a cartoon character) stuff. I had been there with younger cousins and they were really happy to visit the shop. Cartoons really excite children, finding places with a cartoon or any lovable character connect can be an interesting idea while planning a trip with kids.

Club Mahindra is coming out with a crowd-sourced travel e-magazine for kids called ‘Teddy Travelogues’. Visit here for more details. It’s a nice initiatives to collaborate interesting ideas: “from the kids” – “to the kids” and parents as well 😛


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