Get Quikr NXT is a website portal where sellers and buyers collaborate. It has grown to become one of the biggest e-commerce websites around. (The great Alexa Ranking says that loud:

Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a placewhere people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today we have over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.

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Quikr has come up with an amazing new feature where we can chat as a potential buyer with the seller and vice-versa. Previously the seller had to mention contact details, generally the mobile number over which the potential buyer could contact him.

With Quikr Nxt, buyers and sellers can immediately connect with each other through chat across Quikr’s mobile app, mobile site and even its desktop site. This feature will transform India’s online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call.

Welcome to NXT generation of Buying and Selling

Welcome to NXT generation of Buying and Selling

In my opinion, it is a great feature to have come up. I believe a lot of people must have been waiting for it since some time.

The advantages of chat over calling are as follows:-

1. Better Privacy Option : The seller doesn’t need to share the mobile number. He/she has the option to get in touch with the potential buyer directly over the chat feature created by Quikr. Now it may not matter to regular sellers who use quikr just as another medium to sell, but I am sure the privacy issue must have been a hindrance for a lot of people who might have just wanted to use the portal once in a while. Not everyone is comfortable giving out the personal mobile number on the internet in any form, because of the negative repercussions it might lead to. There have been such cases. And considering the fundamental idea behind quicker it was never formed for a regular seller but for common man.

2. Avoid Silly Questions from buyers: Sometimes the buyers may ask silly questions because it is so easy to just call and start asking anything 😛 With the new feature of NXT chat, the buyers can ask whatever they have to over chat (which is easier to tolerate) and seller will have the the option to reply and send pictures directly to the potential buyer clearing out all personal doubts. It makes thing more precise and avoid redundant conversations.

3. Easy to keep a record of Talks: It can often happen that something was discussed between the seller and buyer but just because there is no way to keep an official record of the talk there might be disagreement later. The NXT Chat feature gives a way to maintain a log of chats so that both the parties can be sure of what was discussed and no problem can arise later due to that.


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