5 Reasons Why the Asus Zenfone can be our Ideal Valentine :D

The Asus Zenfone is a mobile gadget delight. The zenfone gives us the perfect reason to pamper ourselves with the unconditional love. At the occasion of Valentine, I will list down 5 reasons why Zenfone can be our Ideal Valentine:-

  1.  Pamper Yourself with the best: I believe the first person I would always want to be in love with is myself 🙂 This should probably be true for everyone, we really need to love ourselves before loving anyone else. For that to happen, it is very important to be comfortable in our own “alone time”, and be able to enjoy that time. And what would be the best help in that? “The Asus Zenfone” 😀 The amazing value for money gadget is an awesome thing to possess. Be it games, music, movies, you can enjoy everything with a Zenfone in your own company. As a regular metro traveler, I understand the importance of being able to love your own company more than anything 😛
  2. Stay connected with your loved ones: Valentine’s Day is a time when we get a chance to show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is the time we would really want to stay connected with the ones we love the most. But as it happens, not everyone you love can be with you on the Valentine’s. The Zenfone gives you the best way stay connected. The large screen size and amazing camera comes into great use with the photo and video chatting apps. So always stay in touch. Awesome right? 😀


  3. Perfect Gift for the ones you love: The value for money and great affordability of the amazing Asus Zenfone gives us a big reason to use it as a perfect and lovely gift for our loved ones at the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Its easy access on flipkart with awesome prices gives another advantage and makes gifting even more easier. So, are you going to make someone happy? 😀
  4. The Pixel Master Camera: The greatest feature of the zenfone is its better than the rest of the phones-camera. Delight for the shutterbugs, as now all the great moments with your loved ones can be stored in the best quality. Because every moment is worth a shot. The large screen size will bring in perfection on the selfies (nuff said :D).
  5. The Amazing in house apps and features like “The Party Link” and the Asus PhotoCollage Apk: The Zenfone comes with some really great utility pre-installed applications and features. One of them being the “Party Link”. Now you don’t need to keep asking and reminding the person who clicks the photos share and send those pictures to you. The Part Links makes sharing much more easier. The PhotoCollage application also helps one create beautiful picture collages with ease 🙂 


P.S. This post is a part of happy hour contest in association with Asus Zenfone at Indiblogger: https://www.indiblogger.in/happyhours/asus-zenphone-unconditional-love/


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