If I were: Befikar Umar Bhar

If we could Live The Life We Have Always Dreamed Of.
Everyone of us have our own share of hopes, dreams and aspirations that drive us to pursue our goals.

Imagine a life without any constraints, nothing to hold us back.

What would be top 5 things on your Bucket List that you would do if you were #BefikarUmarBhar

Wow there’s so much I would want to do if I were BefikarUmarBhar, that choosing 5 would be so much of effort in itself 😛
Some things make more sense and some just look like “never gonna happen” fantasies (when in head) 😛  So I will try and be reasonable and list down the most doable things in the bucket list of top 5:-

  1. Travel and be more Independent: I have been wanting to to try these two things for a while now. One: Travel completely alone, with mobile on airplane mode (yeah well camera and music are still required, so can’t leave mobile :P) in my awesome city of Delhi and explore new places. No it won’t be a planned outing. It has to be in the spur of the moment, naya din, nayi subah, naya adventure sort of a thing 😀 Going anywhere, eating anywhere and observing the nature and the people.
    Two: Go live alone in a new city for a while; work, survive and get alive. 😀 New places and new experiences always excite me. It’s not that I want something completely extraordinarily or out of the world, I mean they are always welcome but that would be an added advantage, just something new and different is good enough to get me excited 😀
    Because life gets so much monotonous sometimes and I get bored way to easily. 😛 There’s always an impulsive side of me ( which most people won’t know about) ready to explode, its just that its not do easy to handle the explosion, so it has to be kept inside mostly.
  2. Make everyone around happy and keep surprising the people I love: It’s not that I don’t do this as of now, I am quite good in that department 😀 but then because it’s me, there’s always scope of improvement. 😛 It often happens that I do get awesome ideas, in the spur of the moment, but I am not always able to implement and get along. You see, everything requires effort, and when you have so much work, although however boring it might be, you are bound most of the times. But then if I were befikar umarbhar then probably this is what I would want to spend more effort on 😀 🙂
  3. Take more chances and get more comfortable with Uncertainty & Ambiguity: I agree with this very strong notion that: People often compromise the optimum and settle for the sub optimum just because it provides more certainty. I also feel that, yes, it’s true, even I have done the same at times. But then these are very difficult and important decisions and require us to analyse everything. Its human nature that we sometimes give more importance to surety and certainty than what suits our interest the best.
  4. Speak Up: If I were befikar I would really want to say stuff that I sometimes let go in order to minimize complications. Or that’s a false justification I give myself, unsaid stuff doesn’t do good inside. I am working on this and getting better 😀
  5. Play Tennis More often: I have been a National Level Tennis player. The sport has always been and will always remain one of my biggest passions. There was a time, I was involved into the sport professionally and it was the highest priority. Then things changed and so did the priorities with them. But true passion never dies. I still play once in a while, however now completing assignments comes before the playing session. I wish if I could be really befikar I would want to play more often. It always helps, cheers me up and leaves me with so much of positive energy. Its worth an investment to devote time to your passion. It’s just that sometimes it really gets difficult to understand that when life is so much complicated with this and that, like “Stuff”. 😛

 P.S. This post is a part of happy hour contest in association with IDBI Federal Lifesurance at Indiblogger: hhttps://www.indiblogger.in/happyhours/befikar-umar-bhar/


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