Sar Utha Ke Jiyo

So, today, I am going to write a blog post about how my family members have guided and encouraged me to grow into a better and a more self-reliant person 🙂

The mantra I truly believe in has always been “Don’t follow anyone but learn from everyone”. And when you believe in learning from everyone around; the closest, most familiar and most reliable ones are your family members. I can’t emphasize more upon the fact that how much blessed I am to have an inspiring family than simply and honestly saying it. Yes, we fight, argue at times and get upset as well. But that’s all part of the learning. In a very cool, composed and a perfectly sound state of mind, I can proudly say that, I can discuss whatever it is with my family members which will all come out as a positive outcome (in whichever sense it might be) after a meaningful and sensible discussion.

I have said this time and again, that I am in that stage of my life, where I like to question every damn thing. Not just because I like to revolt or rebel, but because I am in the process of forming my very own original set of character values and opinions.  I don’t want them to be based on the worldly bounds but rather on sound logic and reason. That’s where the family members play a very important role. If there is an issue (and there always are every now and then :P), the solution can either be dictated by someone, irrespective of what stand do others take in that, or be discussed and reasoned by all and then only comes the conclusion to which everyone agrees (or majority agrees, just to be more realistic :P). However, what is most important is that everyone should get a chance to put forward there opinions openly without having the fear of being judged. That is exactly the freedom my family members give me and I give them which leads one to grow into a more self-reliant person.

My mother is very hard working, she always inspires me to keep a positive attitude towards everything. If she can manage being a teacher, a wife and above all our mother so well, it makes me feel at times that I am living such a comfortable and easy life. It is out of question that I complain about anything. That’s what pushes and drives me to keep going forward.

My dad has always been a great mentor, he has a great thing of explaining interesting concepts and ideas in even more interesting and innovative ways that they make you think and finally click so well.

My younger sister is one of my best friends, I can go and say anything to her, she tolerates me and even guides me at times. She motivates me and makes me remember that I am awesome. Yeah well that was a self praise. 😛 See, “I” am also the part of “my family” and I do very well inspire and motivate myself 😀


HDFC Life, Sar Utha Ke Jiyo


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