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Today I am going to write a story around a few moments that filled me with optimism and hope for the future.

Housing envisions a world filled with positivism. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around – in the laughter of children, in the excitement on our pet’s face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of our loved ones when we go back home after months of being away.

“Everyday may not be good. But there’s something good in everyday”

– Alice Morse Earle

Once, there was a man who used to wear uncomfortable and tight shoes which were one foot size short of his. One day he dominantly felt the immense pain the bad shaped pair of shoes put him through and realized he couldn’t bear them any longer. So, he changed the pair, got new shoes which were more comfortable and were of his perfect foot size. A few days passed and he never had to bear the immense pain he used to feel before when he wore the other pair of shoes.

But something seemed not so good to him. So his thought about what has changed. After some thought he realized that now he no longer experiences that moment in which he removed the uncomfortable shoes. The moment in which he felt that relief which gave him that “aahaa” feeling that filled him with so much positivity, optimism and hope that he could forget all the pain he went through before. He now thought and realized that the pain was worth it, to experience that one pure and simple moment of that “aahaa” feeling.

The story tells us how much importance small and simple moments that fill us with positivity and optimism hold in our day to day life.

In general I get inspired, optimistic, positive and happy from a lot of small and simple moments, such as seeing a baby, playing or watching tennis which is my favorite sport, getting surprised from someone or surprising someone (however small the gesture might be), from the smile of a girl (yeah they have a thing, but not like any girl :P), nice and positive talk or discussion and the scenic beauty of the nature. However, these were things just on top of my mind right now, but there can be anything; any moment just in the right time and circumstance that can make anyone feel optimistic, happy and hopeful. 🙂

So, now I am also going to mention one such short, very simple and sweet story involving a moment of optimism. 

It was just another night in the hostel. There are times when I feel lonely and bored in hostel. Although its not that bad a place. But that night was one of those in which I was having such a feeling. I was sort of hungry too, but didn’t want to go downstairs all the way to the canteen to get something to eat out of sheer laziness. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door, some of my mates were standing in the corridor chit-chatting and all. One of the guys who isn’t that close a friend and someone whom I thought of being geeky, boring and all that panicking types was also standing there. He kinda looked different, all chilled out and happy and awesome dude types. And if that wasn’t interesting enough already (like watching him in a different avatar 😛 ), he asked everyone (including me) standing in the corridor if they wanted something from the canteen because he was going downstairs. I was like, cool, if you might, please get me some Maggi dude; and so did a few others who might have been hungry like me, but weren’t going to the canteen just out of laziness like me. 😛 And that was it. He went. Now, I don’t know why, was it the low mood or whatever, but I thought he will forget and won’t get the maggi. But to my surprise, he did. Hot and fresh 😀 and when I was like giving money for it, he was like super cool, like forget it, its just a few bucks. I said okay, awesome, I will surprise you with a maggi someday man. 😛 Now, all this was completely casual and normal. But it really felt nice and it gave me a very good feeling. It did put the person in high regards as well. 🙂 I sometimes write about stuff going on in my mind, and that day I actually captured that moment with the timing in writing for a nice and sweet memory 😀 🙂       


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