Get Awesome, Get Bold, Change to Improve

Often in life, bold steps are not necessarily big changes we make in life to give it a new start but rather how bold we get in taking small day to day decisions which gives positivity and ideally in a way that is what keeps life interesting and new always.

Change signifies that we’re moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be. However small and simple the change might be.

I have said this before as well that at times just because we are not comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty we settle for the sub optimal. We compromise. For me, not compromising easily and keeping up for the optimal, even if that comes with a certain amount of risk, uncertainty and ambiguity is what is bold. Going out of the way to do something out of the box is what is bold for me. Figuring out our passion, and keep putting efforts until we find it is bold.

This was all in general sense, defining the meaning of bold the way I look at it. As it is a relative term, everyone must have their own version of “bold”.

It’s like, I can’t relate bold with buying a new house and going and living alone in a new place because of work, as I have not got a chance to experience any of that yet. However, they are of course huge fascinations which I very much look forward to do sometimes in life. I really want to go live in a new city and manage a life of my own for a while. I want to buy a house in the hills for my family. These would be bold steps when they will happen and provide an amazing change in life. But as of now the way I have defined bold is the best I can follow. 🙂

“At Housing, we love change – good change! Change signifies that we’re moving forward, living better, and giving ourselves the chance to be the best we can possibly be.”

Having said all this, I would like to mention and discuss a real life instance where I got bold in my own way and that turned out to be a great decision.

In our college, it is compulsory for every student to complete at-least 2 credits of community work. That can be done in either the summer or the winter. We get 3 month holidays in the summer after every even semester and 1 month holidays after every odd semester. It is advisable to complete the community work credits (which accounts to an approximate 80 hours worth of service in a NGO) in the summer break after the completion of the first 2 semesters, that is in the summer after the first year. It is because later students would be more interested in doing internships. So that was the plan, the first summer break in college and the community work needs to be done. And I was looking forward to the new experience. 🙂 Now the first year in college is always interesting. We make new friends, enjoy together, travel together, bunk together and do assignments together as well. So, automatically it was implicit to plan doing the community work thing together as well. But what happened was, we planned, searched and found a NGo, went there, but somehow it didn’t work out well, for some reasons that are not important here.

The point is, after that, everyone had a different stand and opinion about whether or not to and how and where to do the community work. That was the time I really had to take a move away from my friends to do what I really wanted to do (and I can say that because I really felt that) . And I am proud of it. I always respect my friends as well if they stand out for doing something they really want to do. But sometimes we just get driven with the group. We should not.

I volunteered at Cheshire Home Delhi Unit, which was a place near my college only. I had to travel a lot for it as well. It was not so convenient but was totally worth it. I assisted teachers in the school for differently-abled kids and worked in the workshops for the differently-abled adults. I also made a great friend there.

I remember while presenting my experience in college, I used the phrase “We often do things we are bound to do. But going to Cheshire Home was something I had started to look forward to every morning.” I completely meant it. 🙂


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