The Unpaid Job #Wash and #ShareTheLoad

So what’s new? 😀 I took part in the #WashBucketChallenge with  Ariel and Whirlpool & pledged to #ShareTheLoad 😀

You must be wondering what #WashBucketChallenge is? Well, if I can put it this way, it’s nothing but a male doing laundry using the Ariel Matic pack. 😛

Simple, isn’t it? Then why is it called a challenge, what’s so challenging about it? Well, its us who have created the norm of household chores being the responsibility of our mother/wife, basically the female department in the house. Hence when the same task is to be done by any male, it sure becomes a challenge. 😛

So, first of all, I say why even call it a challenge, its against the foundational argument the activity is trying to highlight, calling it a challenge gives so much of an importance to the task when taken up by a male that is looks like a very big deal, which it isn’t and shouldn’t look like.

So, I reiterate here, I just did laundry. Something new and interesting. Nothing more than that. Mostly my mom does it and I am so grateful to her for that, but a few days ago, I took the responsibility of doing the laundry following her instructions. 😛 And that’s how I shared the load. 😀

And believe me, it was too much fun and I got a great feeling as well, proudness 😀 Yayy 🙂

My dad also helps mom with various household chores, so that also is an encouraging factor. We should always motivate equality in the division of labor.

The responsibility of the house shouldn’t be bestowed upon the women alone, because hey, it’s no less than any 10-6 job; and the worst part is that, you don’t even get paid.

And most of the times you are not even doing stuff you are passionate about, but doing it in the interest of everyone around. Like cooking food for the family members, doing laundry for everyone, etc. Thus everyone should contribute. 🙂


Before Washing 😛


After Washing 😛

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I encourage my fellow reader to take up the interesting task of laundry to try it out, even if its just for once; and then show off just like me over the social media. 😀

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