Summer@2015 Public Policy Research Internship

So, as always, I have landed myself in yet another new and amazing activity in the summer holidays. Interestingly enough I have been involved in very diverse, but completely new and different activities in the summer holidays of my college life. In the summer of 2013 it was volunteer work at an N.G.O, in summer of 2014 it was the I.D.E.A Program and now in the summer of 2015 it is the Summer Research Internship at Rakshak Foundation.

I have been assigned the Topic “Filling Public-Police Trust Deficit: What Needs to be Done” under the guidance of my esteemed mentor, Shri PV Rama Sastri, IPS, currently the Inspector General of National Investigation Agency. It is a very exciting topic and I am really enthusiastic towards doing some great work.
For now, I request my fellow readers to please take out some time [it shouldn’t take more than 7.5 minutes] to fill in this questionnaire survey regarding my project. It would be really helpful. 😀
As the first step, I am trying to infer the general perception of Police in the minds of People, which would help in streamlining the problems in Police-Public relationship.

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