The One Trip Every 21 Year Old Must Get

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So, I recently got a chance to visit Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala for a field trip as a part of my summer research internship project related to public-police relationship with Rakshak Foundation. I had gone there precisely to study the applied models of community policing (The Janamaithri Suraksha Program and the Student Cadet Program).

You may watch the videos embedded in the bottom of the post to understand a bit about these programs.

I was fortunate enough to meet some very passionate top level police officers from the Kerala Police. I met the State Nodal Officer for the Janamaithri Suraksha Program; Smt. Dr. B. Sandhya, ADGP, Kerala Police and the State Nodal Officer of the Student Police Cadet Program, Sri. P. Vijayan Sir. I also met a lot more police officers and the whole experience was amazing. Kerala Police Rocks. They were very helpful. The internship was already coming out to be something different, interesting and insightful. This trip made it reach an all new level. I will definitely write more about the professional side of the trip (and the internship as well), later. This post will focus more on the experiences of a new place 🙂

A trip to a new place, all alone is something every 21 year person must do once. And I am not saying that because when you are alone you can go wild, and do crazy stuff, but because you actually find yourself much more mature, gain valuable perspective and observe and experience the vibe of an all new place, all by yourself managing everything on your own. The experience can’t be described in words. It can only be felt and mesmerized and lived. Yeah, get all jealous, but I had my fun, and I will say that loud 😀

It was not the first time I was travelling alone to a new place. In fact I have a much diverse background than most of my peers and friends in the travelling alone department. I have traveled to new places a lot, (sometimes alone as well) when I was very young. I used to travel across India for my tennis tournaments. Yet, it had been so long since that last happened. This trip was amazing and set a level apart.

The Train Journey

CRPF Jawans | Lots of Reading Material | Irregular Eating Habit | Peaky Blinders S01 | A New Friend | Report Writing | Dongle – No Dongle | Phone Connection – No Connection | No Bath

Actually I could have spent another day in the train if it were required 😛

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The Place Where I Stayed

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Chandrashekhar Nair Police Stadium | Palayam | Suite | Awesome Locality | Amazing Room | IPS Officer Guest | Helpful People | Great Food Nearby | Economical

Some first impressions about the city:-

  • I observed that the buses there, don’t have glasses in the windows, they are like open throughout. I couldn’t decipher the exact reason for that, by probably asking someone local, but I would probably say it’s due to the moderate whether conditions. People actually sit inside the buses, like everyone sitting. I saw a few number of buses like that early in the observation phase. Now that might be normal for a lot of people, but here in Delhi I am accustomed to seeing heavily filled buses, so that was a good difference. I also saw double decker buses, but didn’t get  chance to board one.
  • The architecture of most buildings around the place I was staying in were quite cool and attractive. Maybe I was lucky to be staying in the perfect area or the trait is present throughout the city. I did use to observe one or the other nicely designed and beautifully built building that could catch the attention of the eye while traveling places in the city.

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  • As I was there to study the policing scenario, naturally a Policeman standing on the road caught my attention. He didn’t seem to be a traffic policemen, going by the uniform. Or maybe the uniforms are different there and he might have been a traffic policeman only. The point however is that he seemed really smart and elegant. Kind of actually like a role model for people. There was this spark. Now, I don’t know if it was actually that significant or had I just got an extra researchers eye.
  • I tried this a few times the first hour of the first day of roaming around: turned 360 degrees about wherever I was standing and I saw more women around.
  • People were generally nice and helpful.
  • Some very interesting restaurant culture:-
    • They served hot water all the time in the restaurants. I mean who drinks hot water, people? 😛 Its actually ideally good, but either that or maybe just a trick to get people buy mineral water which would come cold 😛
    • It happened a couple of times that random people come and sat with me when I was having my meal. It’s like we don’t look for empty tables, but we look for empty chairs 😀 It was kinda weird because all those people who came and sat never actually took an effort to talk.
    • The restaurant staff was very efficient, out of all the times that I had a meal there, almost every time the bill was presented before I completed my food. [Now, I know some very specific people could argue that I am a slow eater, but whatever :P]

Some cool food I ate there:-

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Some interesting stories:-

Sometimes it’s good to get lost: So the first day, I went for exploring the city and…

to be continued…

I am sorry, I just can’t complete this now. I will get back with the second post soon. Bear with me. Thanks






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