A Day at Hyderabad & Dialogue in the Dark

So, I was in Hyderabad for an interview at the Indian School of Business (ISB) (They have  a very sexy campus and amazing tennis courts, btw).  😀 I had a few hours before my return flight. I was roaming in the Inorbit Mall, Hitech City and checking out the Zomato App. I happened to notice a 4.5 rated eating joint named “dialogue in the dark” which was located in the mall itself. On browsing further and reading recommendations I found it was something worth to visit. It turned out to be quite an interesting experience. Something new and different. What I am in a constant lookout for 😀

Dialogue in the Dark

DID India | The Concept

Visit the Dark | Live in the Darkness | Get the Real Feel | Fight Your Fear

It was a completely dark restaurant. For more than 30 minutes I experienced complete darkness while I ate. Dialogue in the Dark is present globally and has three centres in India, at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. On inquiring further I came to know that it will soon be opening in Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. Do check it out, its cool and awesome 🙂

My experience and a few pointers:-

  • You have to leave everything that may emit light outside.
  • You go inside with a guide and have to follow the wall and the voices.
  • It made easier when I started conversation with a fellow being who went inside with me. Got to know a new person who works at Reebok (like wow) 😀
  • [Btw there is this cool Reebok-MTV event tomorrow,for the fitness freaks, all over India.]
  • There was a night vision camera which on inquiry I found is only used if something happens, like something wrong happens 😛 The camera emits a very very dim red colored round light and that’s the only thing you can see there.

The best part was that the restaurant employs all those who are visually handicapped.

It is a manifestation of the power of creativity which allows us to create amazing experiences and provide amazing opportunities for that at the same time 😀

  • The food was also great.
  • They were told to guess the food items in the end 😛
  • That’s not it, not just experiencing food in the dark. Workshops are held wherein they make you experience walking in a park, playing cricket and do money transactions as well. Cool stuff 😀

Experience added, something new done. Now back to the square one. The monotony!
bye bye Hyderabad 🙂


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