Real Togetherness | Expanding The Bubble

What does real togetherness mean to us? What is to be together and what is to be connected? Does being connected the same as being together? Do we really connect these days with others or do we really get together? These are the question a lot a us must ponder about at times, right?

For me, real togetherness means to be able to match in frequency and have minimum phase difference. Confused? 😛
Yeah that might seem an electronic geek definition, but I am not a geek and this actually makes a lot of sense. In the world of electronics and mathematics two sinusoidal waves are said to be overlapping or “together” when they have the same frequency and zero phase difference. In the real life as well we have different types of relationships with different types of people. With some we talk a lot and it takes a lot of effort to make the other person understand and strike a good conversation. With some everything just smoothly flows 🙂 There are people who send positive vibes and there also people who take ours away 😛

Anyways, the real issue isn’t that its hard to find the people with whom our frequency matches and there is minimal phase difference, the real issue is that, we don’t take much of an effort to really get together. We may connect with people and friends on the social media, but do we really get together?

This year, Kissanpur calls people to come and discover the joy of Real Togetherness. We, at Kissan, feel that it is about breaking free from the clutches of our smart phones and building meaningful relationships with our kith and kin in the real world. We feel that it’s time to break the shackles of the digital world and instead get down to the roots and connect in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world.

I believe the world is weirdly filled with pseudo-random bubbles. We are surrounded by bubbles and we all live in bubbles. One of which is our very own private bubble and the others are the bubbles we are a part of amongst more people. We play different complicated roles in different bubbles. And, btw, yeah well; there are soap bubbles too 😛

It’s a bubblistic world totally bubblicious in nature. Real togetherness is to expand our individual bubble by experiencing other bubbles 🙂

There are bubbles we get into by chance and then there are bubbles we choose. We let some people enter our bubble and some we restrict. Our various facets of life define the bubbles we get an opportunity to be a part of. As we grow, we keep getting connected with more and more bubbles. However, while the bubble network gets larger, our individual bubble gets more and more rigid.  Real togetherness would be to make our bubble a little more flexible, laid back and awesome. Let it experience the togetherness of other bubbles and let it blossom 🙂


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