Books | Year Wise List

I am one of those who likes the idea of reading books, but somehow, don’t really translate that into reality. As a child, I have read some of the Famous Fives, Secret Sevens, Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys but that’s that. Since then I have been less of a reader, which I am not proud about.

Once, I had recollected all the books I have read and listed them in a Facebook post as follows.

Since then I have just read a couple of more books.

And this one was quite interesting and heavy!

Now, I am ready to make amends. In the year 2017, as a challenge to myself, I am targeting to read atleast 8 books. I have a huge list to choose from, so it’s not like I don’t have options that excite and interest me, but the challenge is to prioritize.


1. Rafa | Blog post here
2. Open
3. TBD…


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