As a part of my pledge to read more books this year, the first one I have read is Rafa. It’s such an exciting book, from such an amazing person and one of the best tennis player. The player in me resonates so much with Rafael Nadal, that it was more than pleasure to be reading the story of the legend. It made me recall my old tennis playing days and all the things that came along…

The book was so inspiring and yet at times so unrealistic to read Rafa’s story which depicted nothing but sheer determination, hard work, the will and the strength to endure, in all circumstances, with nothing but simplicity. That’s what sets a champion from rest of the players.

It would have been great if I might have read such an inspiring book from such an amazing player back then in my tennis playing days, but I am not sure if I would have really appreciated it then. Though, I wish someone would have been there to help me understand how to endure. I am glad I read it now, because back then, I may have got motivated and inspired from Rafa’s unreal quality to endure, but it’s now that I really understand its importance, not just in tennis, but in whatever you are doing in life.


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