Aspire to Work For Sport

I am going to present a story that holds very dear to me through this post.

I just graduated college (It’s a strange and different feeling, but I won’t go there). I officially have a degree now (not literally because there’s still some time in my convocation), but the effort and struggle is over. However I realize that the hard part has just begun. I remember a senior addressing our graduating batch on the recently organised “high tea” during the last days of college. He made us all aware about a very true fact that the path we traveled till now was a very well defined path and something that almost everyone follows. School and then college. But as soon as we step out from college, we get to own each and every decision and choice we make to develop and polish ourselves at the personal as well as professional level. We gotta explore and follow our true passions. And that’s not very easy, and at times it’s so damn hard.   Continue reading


Wisdom Walk, Dr. Harindar Keer

My institute, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi has started a new activity to encourage and promote Entrepreneurship culture in the institute (Thanks to Dr. PK and Hemant Sir). Every once in a while we will have a guest speaker coming over to talk about their journey of Entrepreneurship and the key lessons learnt. Its going to be more of a Q/A session than a lecturing one, because entrepreneurship is something which arguably “can’t be taught”. Continue reading