Chilled Out & Laid Back :D

Hello People 🙂

It’s been a long time. Generally I write about something of my interest which I feel needs to be discussed or I wish others should just know about. But this post is nothing more than a state of mind. A simple whats going on sort of a post, with a bit of a personal touch. It’s not something I always share with everyone or something that everyone needs to know, but ab kuch to likhna tha na, so be it 😀 Continue reading


Raahgiri Day

Raahgiri Day is an amazing new concept of an event that promotes walking, cycling, socializing and such activities. 🙂

Every Sunday in Gurgoan (Since 17th-Nov, 2013) and Connaught Place (Since 13th-July, 2014).

Time: 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM

I went there last Sunday with a few of my friends, on 13th-July-2014 on its first time in Delhi. It was awesome. Thousands of People had come there early Sunday morning, and it was completely worth it. I did activities like Street Yoga, Zumba Dancing, played Street Football and even tried my hands on boxing. 🙂 Continue reading