Chilled Out & Laid Back :D

Hello People 🙂

It’s been a long time. Generally I write about something of my interest which I feel needs to be discussed or I wish others should just know about. But this post is nothing more than a state of mind. A simple whats going on sort of a post, with a bit of a personal touch. It’s not something I always share with everyone or something that everyone needs to know, but ab kuch to likhna tha na, so be it 😀 Continue reading


My Life and My Sport

Yesterday’s topic of Satyamevjayate show was Sports, “how a ball can change the world“. Being a sportsman myself, I could very well connect with the discussions and opinions that came up during the show.

The show discussed and highlighted some very encouraging and motivating examples of sports persons coming from nowhere and making it big all by themselves just because of sheer hard work and dedication. I salute to all those hard working sports persons who have fought hard and brought our country pride. Continue reading