And the flush isn’t working. My after poop peace is also taken. That’s just awesome. Interestingly weird situation. While I am proud of my excretory system to have worked pretty well and left a solid mark of my presence in this tiny washroom of this small cafe, there is no water to cover it up. So I am thinking whether I should leave the cafe as soon as possible, after coming out of the washroom and hope no one follows for a while, or inform the cafe staff about the fact that the water isn’t coming and the washroom is clogged. Such a trap it is man…

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Introspection & Retrospection

I have taken a pledge to read books this year. I am happy that I just completed the first one. It was a special book since it  was from one of the most inspiring athletes, whom I have looked up to and whom I have also related to, in my tennis playing days: Rafael Nadal. I have written about the book here.

This post is more about what has been my key learning in the last 6 months, the first six months of my post-college professional working life, which this book (quite incidentally well timed) also very well aligns and resonates with. I am glad the validation (although there wasn’t any need for), if it had to come, came in through the tennis story of one of the best player ever. Continue reading