Towards a Cleaner and Greener World

The scenic beauty of the nature, if nothing more, should drive us to think about ways to keep our environment cleaner and greener. And I am not talking about big changes here, just the small things we all can do to contribute for the green cause.   

I will start by mentioning some small thing that me and my family take care of at home, lead by my sister, who is quite strict about all this. She just hates to see water being wasted in any darn way. So thanks to her, we have this mechanism at home where we follow a simple protocol that at every point of time there is a bottle attached to the pipe throwing out water from the water purifier. It might come as a little shock to those of you who don’t know that a water purifier like RO throws out almost about 50% of the water while purifying. And all that water isn’t that bad, it can be very well used for anything other than drinking. So as the bottle fills, whoever notices it first empties it into a nearby kept bucket in the kitchen and then the bottle is put again to collect the coming out water. Now if not that the pipe would be kept in the sink and the water would just be wasted. Rather we save and utilize that water in the best possible way, and believe me that quite a lot of water is saved doing such.

We can all contribute to the green cause in our own way! Simple things like composting organic waste from the kitchen, using eco-friendly cosmetics, reusing water whenever possible or even blogging about the cause to create awareness is a big step towards a sustainable lifestyle. Here was my chance to make a difference. You can leave also leave comments about the simple changes we should make in our day-to-day routine to make this world a cleaner, greener place! 🙂

Another protocol in  practice at home is the wonderful use of the one side used paper. Once again the master mind and check mechanism of my sister is involved here. My sister makes copies out of the one side used paper and also uses them for informal printouts involving one side of a sheet. She has also been involved in recycling actives at school and encourages and motivates everyone around for recycling in her own innovative ways.

And well, all those who are thinking this seems less about what I do and more of “what all my sister does for making this a greener world shout out”, it’s totally fair considering I am her idol and she learns a lot from me 😛 And now I just hope she would agree 😀

Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day that falls on April 22nd each year. Green Yatra, an NGO dedicated to conservation and protection of nature, is supporting the effort.

So these above mentioned protocols were the two major practices at home and so I mentioned them first. But otherwise a lot about the issue of making a cleaner and greener world in happening around, the Swachh Bharat Mission being a right manifestation for the same. But I believe that keeping our surroundings clean is something that should not be celebrated or practiced with a tag name for a specific timeline, it is something which should come naturally to everyone. The mission provides the first step towards the achievement of the higher intent which is something motivating and encouraging. Because though it seems easy to say and preach, even I get careless at times and get tempted to litter around. Luckily I find the right people around me who put sense into me when required (and I do that at times when they require it 😛 ). So that’s how it work, a collective effort and a check mechanism. I won’t be more preachy, it’s just a plane simple message. Cliche’ in a different way,

Be cool and let everything around be clean and green.

P.S. I am very excited about the fact that if I get selected among the top 35 blog posts on this topic, a tree might be planted in my name. Now “Plant a Tree” had been on my wish list for so long. I recently checked the list and had planned to really take some action for this planting a tree thing. It’s just  the perfect time I got this opportunity, lets see if I can tick off one thing of my wish list. 😀

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