Chilled Out & Laid Back :D

Hello People 🙂

It’s been a long time. Generally I write about something of my interest which I feel needs to be discussed or I wish others should just know about. But this post is nothing more than a state of mind. A simple whats going on sort of a post, with a bit of a personal touch. It’s not something I always share with everyone or something that everyone needs to know, but ab kuch to likhna tha na, so be it 😀 Continue reading



A few months ago, I luckily got a great opportunity to be a part of a Sports Feature. Shashank Tyagi of Studio59 did a photo story on me.  Apart from getting some awesome photos of me playing tennis, it was a great concept to be a part of. How photographers make photos tell a story is wonderful in itself. We had a good discussion before finalizing the shots. It was a new experience for me and a really interesting one 🙂 Continue reading

Spend a Day in Kitchen : Check

Not into cooking or baking? But want to surprise someone with a cake?

“Spending a Day in Kitchen” was a “Thing to Do” in my bucket list of this Summer. I also wanted to surprise my mom with a cake on her Birthday. So it was the best opportunity to make her happy and put a tick on my list. But the problem was that the only things I had ever made before in the kitchen were papad and maggi (that to by following the instructions from my sister) :p

So I took help from some of my friends from the opposite gender and Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe. Thanks to them 🙂 Continue reading